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Founded in August 2021, JinLuo Tech Co., Ltd. was officially established in Shenzhen. As a local small and medium-sized enterprise, we are committed to creating excellent products and services.

Cosplayfuns is JinLuo Tech’s key project since entering the internet business. We understand that today’s young people pay more attention to the diversity of experiential lifestyle. Through the Cosplayfuns platform, we hope to support their in-depth pursuit in life and leisure.

Cosplayfuns focuses on online sales of products related to role-playing, costume parties, holidays and other events. We select cost-effective goods from many domestic and international brands that have been proven in practice, covering the needs of different scenarios from entry-level to professional level.

Cosplayfuns Mad Mask

Customers only need a simple ordering process to enjoy convenient and fast logistics delivery experience. We also regularly hold offline interactive activities to allow participants to gain more inspiration through on-site interaction.

The vision of Cosplayfuns is to become a trusted old friend for users in their role-playing needs. We will continue to improve products and services to make everyone’s outdoor entertainment time more convenient and unforgettable.


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