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Cosplayfuns Terror Brain Explosion


Cosplayfuns Terror Brain Explosion

This headgear is suitable for Halloween or other themed parties. The design inspiration for this headgear comes from the scene of a brain explosion, which is both terrifying and shocking. Whether you want to dress up as a vampire, zombie or brain damaged person, this headgear is not to be missed.

The design of the Terror Brain Explosion headgear is very delicate

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🧓Indistinguishable face, masquerade, Halloween, another self
🎁 The Terror Brain Explosion is definitely your new experience in Halloween.
💯This Terror Brain Explosion is sculpted and designed on our completely updated core, and is by far our most suitable and versatile face. 
👌all our latest updates in Face design and technology.


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Why Choose Cosplayfuns Terror Brain Explosion?

Cosplayfuns Terror Brain Explosion is a unique latex material headgear

The design of the Terror Brain Explosion headgear is very delicate, and every detail has been carefully crafted. The color of the entire headgear is black and red, which is very suitable for a horror-themed atmosphere. Wearing this headgear, you will definitely become the most eye-catching person at the party.

Terror Brain Explosion is a unique latex material headgear that is made of high-quality latex material, which is soft and comfortable to wear without producing too much pressure. The headgear is covered with a layer of simulated brain tissue, and the color and texture of this simulated material are very realistic, as if it were real brain tissue.

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About Orders

  • Contain:1 x Terror Brain Explosion. Please note that Old Man does not include glasses (you need to configure it yourself)
  • Please allow 1-2 weeks delivery time, a large number of orders will be delayed.
  • We process orders between Monday and Friday.
  • Orders will be processed within 2 business days of ordering and shipped out the next day after the processing day.


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